Muraco Kyashna-tochá might we all learn to think more critically?

Hypocrisy or cultural dissonance is what really drives me crazy. We’re the “just say no” culture that is saying yes louder and stronger than any other society. Our government patents cannabis all the while claiming cannabis has no medicinal benefits. We are helping other nations to “develop” by extracting more resources from it than we’re giving. We’re a society creating peace by making war. We preach democracy while crushing others' liberation movements with impunity. What we are is - the ultimate culture of deceit.....
what I think we have now is a world of people who are simultaneously in love with and completely unfamiliar with themselves, living in perpetual fear of self-actualization, and molding our relationships to secure such....
and all this baggage is also being dragged along into the technofuture with a faster yet faster chip.

The key is to better know ourselves...
our humanness,

Muraco Kyashna-tocha

Sounds good but now how to translate all this into making a living.

Cannabis Advocate/Consultant somewhat singularly focused on medical cannabis and cannabis issues for the last fifteen years...

In 1998, Muraco was prosecuted for cultivating medical cannabis for myself and after an legal ordeal familar to thousands of Americans, she won her case, becoming one of the state's first legal patients. The journey began. A decade later she was running the Green Buddha Patient Co-op, now the oldest medical cannabis collective in Washington State. Muraco is somewhat obsessed with medical cannabis proselytizing. Muraco was active in determining how much cannabis patients in Washington State could have, co-authoring a definitive paper on the subject in 2004. Muraco was also the Director of the state’s oldest cannabis trade association, the Evergreen State Cannabis Trade Alliance, which in the post-I502 era merged with the National Cannabis Industry Association. Muraco is the purveyor of an innovative strain of cannabis M’Otto which is high in cannabidiol (CBD) yet low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and is an extremely effective at providing non-stony pain management. Currently she also provides medical cannabis advice to a number of organizations and individuals in the state including the School of Pharmacy; Local Medical Institutions such as Virgina Mason, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance; various legislators including Sen. Kohl-Welles, numerous private physicians; New Approach Washington; the Washington State Liquor Control Board, and with the exciting passage of I502 I have provided consultation for Privateer Holdings' employees, various Cannabusiness lawyers and numerous soon to be licensed I502 businesses.

The Green Buddha Patient Co-o is an uniquely patient-centered medical cannabis collective. As Director Muraco created extensive patient workshops designed to inform and educate patients on:

  • Use of Medical Cannabis: How best to take medical cannabis? vaporization, the use of edibles, tinctures, maripills, RSO and juicing.
  • Cannabinoids - THC and CBD: THC and CBD (Cannabidiol) what are they?
  • Legal concerns for medical cannabis patients: what documents are needed for RCW69.51a, legalities surrounding growing, driving in car with medicine, avoiding federal property.
  • Cannabinoids - THC and CBD: How much THC is needed? what is CBD good for?
  • The natural endcannabinoid systems: Meet your CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Muraco managed Green Buddha with a pool of volunteers she trained, supervised and mentored. She handled all aspects of supplier coordination and management, non-profit legal and book keeping tasks, operations and facility management, government advocacy, and all public relations, marketing and IT management.


Cultural Anthropologist Specializing in Medical Cannabis and Cybertechnology issues

People know what they do; they frequently know why they do, what they do; but what they don't know is why what they do does. This is the realm of an anthropologist's understanding.

Muraco Kyashna-tocha is a practicing cultural anthropologist with who primarily specializes in medical cannabis, and various cybertechnology issues including virtual communities. Her research focus for the last twenty plus years has been on various aspects of the cultural milieu of "forbidden knowledge" including its production and dissemination. She particularly enjoys working on the subjects of (medical) cannabis and psychoactive plants.

Hypocrisy is what really drives me crazy. We’re the “just say no” culture that is saying yes louder and stronger than any other society. Or we are helping other nations to “develop” by extracting more resources from it than we’re giving. We’re a society creating peace by making war. We preach democracy and crush the liberation movements of other societies with impunity. What we are is the ultimate culture of deceit. Why does this do? If our society went to see a shrink – some medication would be in order. I think the needed medication - ceremonial chemistry - might just be entheogens ("generating the divine within")- substances used for enhancing therapeutic or spiritual needs. Since psychedelics allow the veil of denial to be pulled back – if only for a short bit – perhaps we could come to see ourselves and make some lasting changes. Cannabis potentially seems to perfect medication for our uptight world. No wonder these materials are so feared by current regimes. With some surprise I find myself living long enough to see the ending of the War on Drugs.

Previous to working on cannabis issues Muraco was involved in a number of development projects while living in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel, Sudan, Fiji and the People's Republic of China.

Professional Affiliations

  • Anthropologist Anthropology Association
  • Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness
  • International Cannabinoid Research Society

I worked on the medical cannabis dosing papers which provided basis for Washington State's 24 oz allowance. I have also written in popular cannabis magazines.

Since 2008 I have been running the Green Buddha Patient Co-op, the oldest medical cannabis collective in Washington State, in fact the oldest continuous cannabis businss in the state.


Educator I am a teacher at my most fundamental... I love to promote critical thinking...

Muraco has been an award winning educator for almost 35 years. She has taught at all educational levels from high school, community college to graduate school courses at the University of Washington. Muraco has received numerous teaching awards including the coveted 1992 University of Washington's Excellent in Teaching Award and the PEW Teaching Leadership Award (1988, 1989, 1991). Muraco has taught at the Women's College in Darfur Sudan and at China's Fudan University. Muraco also taught for Peace Corps in Puerto Rico and Fiji. Finally she worked as a consultant at the University of Washington's award winning Center for Instructional Development and Research for two years assisting professors in enhancing their teaching capabilities. Muraco is currently focused on consulting as teaching.

Currently consulting — medical cannabis and cannabis seminars, one on one consultations etc. I have provided education in almost every aspect of cannabis.

Muraco can provide provide institutions, schools, health care settings, and businesses with mindfulness based workshops tailored to their particular needs. These workshops can help institutions reduce employee/student stress and burnout, and increase productivity, creativity and job satisfaction. Contact me to discuss the needs of your particular setting.

In addition to anthropology course, I've taught courses in international studies, intercultural understandings, political economy, mountaining and rock climbing. I conducted trainings for Peace Corps. Worked tulip and date production. Managed a ski chalet. Taught college in Darfur. Trained Fijians in cement-sealed toilet construction.

Pride in Learning at Early Age

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